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Regulate your mind and body with Raja Yoga, where the many paths of yoga merge. Learn how to strengthen your focus, concentration, meditation, and meditative absorption so that you can look within and find unwavering calmness. Through Raja Yoga, we learn how to move from the external world of sense pleasures to the inner world of Self, Source, Divinity, and Brahman. When we begin a meditation practice, we must learn how to sit and relax the physical body, and our asana practice is of great assistance. More specifically, asana helps to squeeze out toxins, loosen the muscles, and open areas of tension so that the physical body does not constantly bring us out of a meditative state. Once we can relax the physical body, our awareness can turn to the breath, pranayama. The breath must be smooth, slow and steady without breaks or jerks. Inhalation. Exhalation. In this way, we slowly strengthen our ability to concentrate. Finally, we choose a focal point that directs our awareness toward the inner divinity, our True or higher Self. This focal point might be a word or name we associate with the Divine. Or, you can stay internal by simply focusing on the breath. As our focus becomes keener, our mind’s tendency to fall into the past or project into the future minimizes. We settle into our real Self (self-realization). Why do we care about this? All of our sufferings are due to the tendency of the mind to attach to “pleasurable” experiences and avert from “painful” ones. When we fully concentrate our awareness and settle into our True Selves, we begin to live, breathe, move, love, share and commune in a state of complete presence. The state of yoga is presence now. And as the masters say, “One who does not meditate cannot understand the meaning of Now”.





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