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Our lifestyles today are dominated by “yang” energy. Life is fast-paced, loud, and active, and this ongoing stress impacts our minds, bodies, and moods. We often struggle to feel at ease — to stop our racing minds so we can enjoy the present moment. We keep going because we don’t know any other way… It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how to restore balance to your body with a Yin yoga practice. A Yin Yoga practice creates a healing space so that you can just be — to rejuvenate your body, clear your mind, open up your heart, and allow energetic healing to take place. Yin yoga is simple, but it is not easy. Often being still is the toughest asana of all. However, find stillness in long-held static stretches, and you will learn how to relax the muscles and allow space to practice mindfulness and awareness. In Yin Yoga, we embrace our physical limitations by working with the body just as it is. This in itself is a fantastic thing! The therapeutic healing wisdom of the Daoist philosophy provides insight and guidance to get in touch with our body, mind, and soul. We practice how to accept, surrender, and connect our body to a Zen state of mind. We get the unique opportunity to release emotional tension, free stagnant or blocked energy and cultivate a peaceful quality of mind. You will have 60 hours of Yoga Alliance-approved continuing education at the end of this training. This training also counts as a module toward the InnerSea 300-Hour online certification (for students who already have 200 RYT and want to build toward the 500 RYT certification).





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